MIUR Project PRIN06 (2006-2008) – Ambient Intelligence: event analysis, sensor reconfiguration and multimodal interfaces

The project is focused on the study and development of new algorithms and techniques for the design of a network of heterogeneous sensors for the automatic monitoring of public environments. A computer-based approach can optimize the integration of heterogeneous data coming from both fixed sensors (e.g., video surveillance cameras) and mobile sensors (e.g., autonomous robots or police operators) in such a way to augment the perception of the monitored environment. The collected data can be successively processed in order to generate high-level interpretations of the human activities in the observed environment (e.g., detecting and understanding unusual behaviors for the placement of a car bomb in the closeness of an interesting building like an embassy, etc). Moreover, the project aims to develop appropriate algorithms for the automatic reconfiguration of the sensor network in such a way that the network can assume the optimal configuration possible for the acquisition of interesting data. Finally, the project will investigates of appropriate data representation techniques able to provide an adequate multimodal interface to the human operator of the system.



  • Category: National project