EU-PARS-SEC6-SA-204400 HAMLeT project (2006-2008) – Hazardous Material Localization & Tracking

One important aspect with respect to current threats is covered by security assistance systems comprising state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Such systems are indispensable for improving public domain security in the open European societies. In this context, the supporting activity HAMLeT (Hazardous Material Localization & Person Tracking) was successfully evaluated from the third call of the PASR. During this occasion, 167 proposals were submitted from consortia all over Europe, out of which 15 have been selected for funding.

HAMLeT will demonstrate core functions of an in-door security assistance system for real-time decision support by using advanced sensors and multiple sensor fusion techniques.

Among the expected results, recommendations will be given for characterization and standardization of the detection performance of related chemical sensors with respect to probes. Currently, common standards of that kind do not exist. HAMLeT demonstrates new capabilities for early detection, localization, and continuous tracking of individuals or groups carrying hazardous material within a multiple person flow.


Final Workshop and Demonstration in Rheinbach, February 28th and 29th 2008:
The purpose of the HAMLeT final workshop is to present the results of the HAMLeT project and to discuss in an open and broad forum the next steps required for a subsequent continuation on security assistance system research for the civil and military security. The programme is targeted at a wide range of experts on security issues, representing security industries, policy-making, research, end-user organisations as well as users of security technologies.

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Research Establishment for Applied Sciences
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University of Bonn
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University of Udine
(Udine, Italy)
Defense Research Institute for Materials, Explosives and Lubricants
(Erding, Germany)

  • Category: International Project
  • Date: January 1, 2006