PFT2 project: A vision system for remote video surveillance of unattended railway crossings (1994-1998)

The objective of this Project is to develop a vision system for level crossing surveillance. The vision system supports a human operator by focusing his attention on significant scenes provided by a b/w camera. The surveillance system must have the following characteristics from the functional point of view:

  • information acquisition from the environment by using various sensors;
  • information processing to identify dangerous situations in monitored areas (level crossing);
  • presentation of alarm situations to the human operator in the control room.


The role of the AVIRES Lab in such project concerned with the implementation of the following algorithms:

  •  Change-detection module
  • Change detection algorithm allows the localization of changed areas (focus of attention) in the actual frame respect to the reference image (background).
  • Localization module The task of this module is the identification and then the localization of possible objects (e.g., cars, motorcycles, persons) going into the monitored area by means of appropriate descriptive primitives;

Interpretation module. Its main task consists in the generation an alarm signal for anomalous situations.


  • Category: National project